Chasing a previous call center agent’s success.

Live the life you have ever wanted! See how a previous customer service employee got to build her own business and travel worldwide

      In 2015, Philippines became one of the highly in-demand outsourcing destination. This is when Carla, an accountant by profession and is raising 3 kids with her husband  started her career in the BPO industry. She worked in one of the high-regarded BPO company in the world, Convergys, and got the opportunity to move to Singapore to further thrive in her career.  After living and loving the lifestyle in SG, Carla and her husband decided to go back home to take care of family concerns.

She started climbing the ladder of success in the Corporate world when she got back home and became a Manager for an Australian Company based in Sydney, and gained the Chief Operating Officer position in an Accounting firm based in Australia. She became unstoppable and took over the General Manager  role of an outsourcing company based in Melbourne. Having all these experiences with Australian and Singaporean clients made her feel the need to put up her own Virtual Assistant company that can help small to medium companies based in Australia and Singapore cut their costs and still maintain the level of quality of work.

Just as any other start-up company , after having to make several phone calls to start business development and collaboration, not to many people believed in the plans and further went on getting rejections.  But Carla, being passionate with what she is doing for the outsourcing industry, never made it an option to stop. It then became the best decisions of her life when she had one client agreed. Since they started operations, more and more deals and clients became part of the growing Virtual Assistant Company. With that, she’s very happy to share her wisdom to people who dream to become successful entrepreneurs. This include:

  1. Be willing to take the risk – this is the first step you need to decide to take.
  2. Patience is a Virtue – be patient and never give up. There could be hundreds of rejections but there will always be that first client to start your growth.
  3. Keep moving – being patient is not enough, you need to keep going with your plans.
  4. Focus – there could be a lot of temptations elsewhere like job opportunities, promotion, high salary offers, etc, but you’ll eventually get these rewards when you strive harder.
  5. Be motivated – there won’t be anyone to motivate you but yourself, always think of the ‘deepest why’ you are doing this.
  6. Surround yourself  with business-minded people. This will help you getmore ideas that you may be able  to integrate in your business.

        From a home-based business, Online Officer has now opened an office to accommodate clients who want to have their Offshore team work office-based with complete facilities for as low as AU$300/month seat lease. You can also hire a Full Time Staff for as low as $1,600/month. We have  our pool of competitive staff from different industries like; SEO, Digital Marketer, bookkeeper, Admin Assistant, Personal Assistant, Web Developer, Writer, Date Entry, Telemarketer, Sales Agent, Collecting Agents, Debt Collectors, Customer Service and a lot more.

         Carla being an accountant by profession, with 7yrs experience in Australian full sets of Finance and Accounting also helps small businesses with their bookkeeping works, system migration, BAS reports, audit, PAYG, Super reports, financial reports and the likes. She renders  Bookkeeping services for small business for as low as $150/month for 15 hrs a month, or as low as $10/hr.