Online Officer team was very patient assisting me with choosing my bookkeepers.  I am surprised that I was able to get 4 outstanding bookkeepers to help me with all the works.  Now, I have more time for myself to strategize and plan for the business.”

Samantha CollinsSCollins Bookkeeping Firm, Sydney

“Our growing partnership with Online Officer is perhaps one of the smartest business decisions that our organisation has made for 2017. We are fortunate to have a wonderful team to support our core business operations. What I like most about dealing with Online Officer is the high quality of service that they provide not only to us but most importantly to the clients (both current and potential), to our staff both locally and internationally and to our audience – all of which we aim to effectively serve.

Without a doubt, Online Officer has proven to be reliable in helping us generate business opportunities via lead generation, strategy and support services. In the past weeks, I have witnessed how crucial it was to have available staff during the busiest times of this end of financial year. We as a business cannot afford delays in operation and our appointed staff members have proven time and again to be there to implement our urgent campaigns. This business hinges on core values that complement our vision. With the help that Online Officer provides, we as a business are now able to move forward with our future projects.

There is certainly room to improve on our newly hired team members’ learning curve, but at the end of the day, I would rather invest our budget on a team that showcases the willingness to learn, the initiative to contribute and the capacity to adapt in challenging situations. Utmost professionalism from Online Officer has won our business over and we do generate real results. To be honest, businesses like ours don’t really shut its doors after 5 pm. Online Officer has opened doors for our organisation to engage more customers in a timely manner while we focus on dealing with other pressing/urgent concerns that are thrown our way.”

Jacob De LeonGoldStar RV, Adelaide.

“I appreciate the hard work that Online Officer staffs are providing us. They are very reliable plus the fact that they are very knowledgeable in their field. I enjoyed working with our SEO who brings out the best in our website and manage our eCommerce shop, so as our Virtual Bookkeeper who does Xero accounting for us. Very affordable service at great quality of work.” 

Robert IraFrance at Home, Melbourne