Online Officer Time Keeping Portal is created to be able to monitor and track screenshots and logged time of the staffs. Upon starting, our Support Team will show you how to navigate our user friendly portal.

  1. Check current time screenshot – this will show you what the staff is currently doing on a specific time.
  2. Activity Log – This will show you the details of what the staff is doing based on the screenshots. If the staff is in GDrive page, or in FB page, or in skype call, etc.
  3. Staff Status – This will show you if the staff is IDLE or Active. You will be able to identify if the staff is IDLE or on break or currently working on his PC. This will also show you how long the staff is in IDLE mode.
  4. Total Hours logged – This will show you how many hours or minutes did the staff worked for the entire day.
  5. HISTORY – This will show you the history of dated screenshots and attendance logged hours. You can back track details upto 30 days.