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Why should I outsource at Online Officer?

As one of the top leading business outsourcing providers in the Philippines, Online Officer believes that success is built on a foundation of transparency, collaboration, employee engagement, and quality improvement.

We enable you to effectively plan your expenses; we align ourselves with your needs and values; we foster a positive and productive working environment; we commit to delivering the best possible business outsourcing outcomes. 

These values, when achieved altogether, have always been an instrument to establish a long-lasting and successful partnership with our multiple clients from past to present. Keep on reading to learn more about why you should choose Online Officer.

We are transparent with our fees.

If you desire trust, credibility, and confidence in your outsourcing partner, we certainly can give those to you!

Online Officer provides transparent fees to ensure that you can accurately plan and budget your expenses for offshore services. By having a clear understanding of the cost structure, clients like you can avoid any surprises or unexpected costs and hidden charges. This can also be a great thing to consider for startups or small businesses that may have a tighter budget.

More importantly, we believe transparency opens the door for a good and established long-term relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

We involve you in the recruitment process

Client involvement is critical when it comes to the recruitment process of hiring outsourcing services. At Online Officer, we make sure that your opinion about your potential staff is heard and understood. We involve you in the recruitment process so you can freely screen and get to know your soon-to-be team.

By doing this, we, as your outsourcing provider, will be able to better identify and recruit the most suitable candidates for the job. At the same time, it also leads to a more collaborative and productive working environment supported by open communication. This is especially important if we want to achieve a desired level of outcome.

We value Employee Engagement

Online Officer believes in the importance of employee engagement. We do this by conducting regular trainings for our staff, along with giving them the proper recognitions they deserve.

This way, we become certain that we deploy skilled, motivated, and highly diligent staffs who can perform their tasks to the best of their abilities. It is especially critical, after all, for an outsourcing service provider like us to make sure you are equipped with the perfect employees to help grow your business.

More so, we recognize and reward their exceptional work performance to assure they are valued and appreciated. This, in the long run, builds loyalty to the company.

We are dedicated to quality and continuous improvement.

Long story short: our clients deserve high-quality work… and that’s what we promise to deliver here at Online Officer.

We know that customer satisfaction is a must when it comes to hiring your own outsourcing provider. This has always been the end goal in every partnership we have made over the years.

In fact, quality and continuous improvement are two things we can never go without. It helps us identify and correct any issues or inefficiencies, so we could work better as a team. By consistently monitoring and improving our processes too, we will be able to deliver outsource services that meet and hopefully exceed your business’ expectations.

Embrace and experience the benefits of outsourcing with Online Officer

Trust us; you won’t regret this decision. Contact us now or book a FREE consultation to get personalized solutions for your outsourcing/offshoring needs.

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Talent Price Guide

See how much you can save by outsourcing at Online Officer!

General Virtual 

starting from $6

Bookkeeper / Accountants

starting from $7

Digital Marketing Experts

starting from $7

Web Developers / Programmers

starting from $8

*Prices may vary depending on the candidate’s work experience matched with your exact job description.